Another Nakaya Head-Turning Fountain Pen


Do pretty pens catch your eye? They certainly do mine. Still I’d rather have four boring pens with fantastic nibs than one pen with a to-die-for look. Once in a while though, a head-turner tempts me if only for a heartbeat and until I see the price. Here is one of those pens, the Nakaya Chinkin Karakusa Tortoiseshell Celluloid Fountain Pen offered by Nibs.com. If I were serious about this pen, the custom stub by John Mottishaw would be my choice. Wouldn’t that be luscious!



  1. Oh my gosh, isn’t that lovely? Too bad for me my FP budget is blown for…well, for the foreseeable future. It’s nice to dream, though!


    • Dreaming indeed. My FP budget is in reverse and needs replenishing from the sale of some of my pens to finance a new one or two. But that won’t stop me from enabling others at any opportunity. 😀


  2. A lovely soul loaned me their Portable Writer to test for awhile. The BB nib was absolutely to die for. BUT, and this saved my budget no end, while the color was gorgeous and the finish divine, my stance on the pen put my fingers squarely on the threads to write and the feather weight did not agree with my hand after extended use.

    I’m one of those who prefers heavy pens and let the weight of the pen do the work for me while I “sketch” the words. A pen this light causes me to grip harder as I’m afraid it will fly out of my hand [as other light pens have done] during one of my headlong dashes across the page.

    So are they gorgeous works of art? Absolutely
    Are the nibs absolute skates on the page? Fabulous
    Do you need to be a traditionalist and grasp the pen down on the section? Yep.
    Do they weigh about the same as a sheet of paper? Yes
    Bottom line – for a woman who finds a 149 a bit light and needs a fat bodied pen – these are simply too tiny/light/narrow for me.

    Yes, they come longer. But fatter? Some call the Dorsal wide. I call it skimpy.

    So admire from afar unless your stance on a pen is very different from mine.


    • Thanks for posting your experience, Beth. It certainly proves the “different strokes for different folks” theory. For some the Nakaya would be eye-candy. For others it would be a pen to gently use. Hard to imagine it a workhorse but if the nibs are amazing, there will be someone who finds using a Nakaya irresistible.

      What a great friend you have. Letting you take the Nakaya for a test run before placing an order saved you a bundle but also what would have been a great disappointment. Pen people can be awfully nice.

      The only Montblanc I’ve ever used is my 220 and it is very light-weight and narrow. However, the oblique broad nib is the best in my collection and makes up for the lack of substance. Like you I find a good sized diameter keeps my grip relaxed but I do find a heavy pen tiring. Balance is key for me. Metal pens are generally not an option except for brief writing sprints. An exception is the Pilot pocket pen that has lovely balance when posted. Unfortunately, the nibs are needle thin. I have been so spoiled by my fat and friendly stubs and italics.


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