Montblanc Bordeaux and Noodler’s Cayenne Ink


Here is a quick scan of two inks that found a way into my rotation over the weekend. I swear I had nothing to do with it. Really!

Montblanc Bordeaux and Noodler's Cayenne Ink

Montblanc Bordeaux and Noodler’s Cayenne Ink



  1. Great minds think alike? I ordered a bottle of Cayenne only minutes before reading this post.


    • 😀 Cayenne is working in place of the typical blue-red in my rotation but will it make my writing spicy?


      • To the point of needing to wash it down with the Bordeaux?

        Sent from my iPhone


        • Wow, am I slow tonight, Beth. It took three seconds to get it. Sounds yummy. Using Cayenne in my journal tonight with a side of hopefulness and a cup of green tea. Boring. Hope your night is peaceful or eventful, whichever suits.


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