Links From Trolls to Japanese Pens to Pencils for Ethiopia


With nods to the Higgs boson and Ben Franklin, this is one eclectic group of links.



  1. The “dump facebook” article was a fine addition to this week’s line up! thanks!


    • As a contrarian the “dump facebook” article struck a chord with me as well.


  2. The only thing saving me from that Nakaya is the nasty steep step right about where my fingers would hit.

    Dumped Facebook some months ago. It feels wonderful!


    • That transition might deter me, too, but then I’d never get past the price. It sure is a handsome pen and good for one of those “oh, well” sighs. Which pen does that for you?

      No FB? You contrarian? Heh, no FB for me either. I do play on Twitter though the less I do so, the more creative projects I complete. Go figure.

      So glad you check in here from time to time so we can stay in touch. 🙂


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