Inkophile Links From Moleskine To Babies To Bugs


What do babies, bugs, Moleskine, ice cream, and a carnival have in common? Nothing except they all made it into this edition of my links post…


  1. I can only hope the insect paper is correct and greenhouse gasses tend to stifle insect growth as the mosquitoes down here are evolving toward hawk size with every flooding rain!

    Wish we could get rosemary ice cream locally. That combo sounds awesome!


    • Indeed. Giant dragonflies and butterflies might be pretty but mosquitoes and spiders not so much.

      Rosemary ice cream does sound fantastic. Making my own isn’t likely but I’m keeping the recipe on the off chance I can con someone else into giving it a go. Maybe you can find someone to give it a try. Just the peaches over vanilla ice cream could be gorgeous and not too hard to make.


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