Stick A Toothpick In It


Reusing an ink cartridge can work better than using a fountain pen converter. For some vintage models, an old cartridge may be the only option but that isn’t so bad. They are not only economical but carts can easily be transferred from pen to pen. All to the good.

Okay. You knew there was a catch coming. Have you ever tried to empty one of the cartridges that has a ball floating in it? Metal or plastic that little extra bit can act like a door sealing the neck entirely. The design can be good for ink flow but a bother to refill.

Erin of La Plume Etoile rinsed one with water but the ball blocked her from emptying it. After a couple of emails back and forth, I realized inserting a toothpick in the opening would push the ball to the side and allow the water to flow out. Easy-peasy, eh?


One comment

  1. […] exchanged a few emails with Margana the Inkophile, and she suggested the genius idea of inserting a toothpick into the cartridge to prevent the ball […]


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