Inkophile Is Four Years Old!


Gobsmacked? I sure am. Where did the time go? To put things in perspective, that’s 426 posts, 1,995 comments, 54,789 spam comments, and 461,175 views. That last statistic is yours. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Inkophile has become an integral part my daily life along with Twitter, Google+, and new this month, Pinterest. Social media is fine but writing about ink and pens is reserved for my blog. There are always unfinished posts awaiting tweaks and additional content. Some subjects take months while others spring up fully formed. Hey, if the muse strikes, who am I to decline its offer?

Playing with pens and inks as well as writing about them are only two aspects of what makes maintaining this blog interesting. The final ingredients are the readers and what interests them. So tell me what you want and I’ll see what I can put together for you. I’m listening…



  1. Congrats!


  2. congratulations! wishing you many more!


  3. Enthusiastic congratulations. Thanks for the hard work and the committed perseverance.

    It takes a lot to keep the blog active for four years.




  4. Congrats!


  5. I love your blog particularly the Sunday points of interest. Thanks so much for your trouble.


    • Thanks for all the birthday wishes. 🙂


  6. Keep those ink colors coming.

    And the bird gossip!


    • Working on an inky post now. Bird gossip? Ha! Got a post in the works for that, too.


  7. […] did I get sidetracked today. Beth called my bird-related musings “bird gossip” and I just had to run with it. In fact I like it so well I’ve added it as a category […]


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