Blogger.com FAIL


Sometimes it is useful to mention things that don’t work. Blogger.com (Blogspot) is one of those things that has failed in my experience.

To be specific, I use WordPress for my blog and online ID. Blogger consistently rejects my ID so I cannot post comments on any blog hosted by Blogger. This has been happening for months. Last year I could on occasion remedy the problem by logging out of WordPress and then logging back in. That no longer works. I’ve reinstalled my operating system and use Firefox fully updated. Still no go even with OpenID.

So if you have wondered why I stopped posting comments to your excellent posts and you use Blogger, you now know why.



  1. I’ve had that issue too … thanks for venting


    • Ha! My pleasure. 😀


  2. I have the same problem. OpenID never works for me…I always have to go with the “name/website” option. Meh.


    • No avatar with “name/website” but that option worked for me late this afternoon. “Meh” is right. It took way too much effort to figure that out. It also did not accept proof that I am not a robot. How ridiculous is that!


  3. I’ve stopped commenting on lots of them because the new captcha system is so hideous! Almost completely impossible to read–SO glad I left Blogger. WP and TP are just so so easy in comparison!!


  4. Yeah, I had trouble with virtually all the various profiles and finally resorted to ‘name/url’ (without putting in a url). I also closed my Google account. Don’t get me started on the incredibly annoying prove-you’re-not-a-robot thing – accckkkk!!!!! Sometimes I just send a postcard with my comment to the blog-owner. Met some great correspondents that way 🙂


  5. Good to know as I’m going to overhaul my blog and web presence this year. Sounds like I need to consider starting a new blog on Word Press. Thanks for the heads up.

    I closed my account on Facebook. Too much like being an adult in a kiddie’s sandbox. Ugh!


    • Hi Beth!

      WordPress.com works fine if you don’t want to run adverts. Akismet is great at catching spam so that’s a real plus for the online version. If I had it to do over again, I’d host my blog elsewhere using WordPress software. One of these days Inkophile needs to grow up and support itself. I am so ready for that.

      Kiddie’s sandbox? Indeed and people are overly exposed as far as I’m concerned. While I haven’t closed my FB account, I haven’t visited it in ages. One of these days…

      Keep in touch via email. These days I could easily miss good stuff and never know it.



  6. I use Blogger–much to my frustration. Google does not seem to make the basic stuff just right and instead they just want to make it more pretty, but even less friendly.

    I need to consider how to continue. Moving my blog to some other provider seems to be in order.

    Thanks for letting us know of your troubles commenting. We all treasure comments, and a server not favoring them is simple not doing its job right.

    Thanks for the hard job of keeping your blog active.




    • Thanks, Bruno. As you know it’s a challenge to keep a blog fresh especially without the comments that keep us connected to our readers. I hope your new home is more user-friendly as well as more adequate to the task. Blogging should be fun – not a chore.


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