A Little Ink History For The True Geek


History really does put things in perspective. Look at the years in which some well-known companies began offering ink. To be sure this is only a partial list compared to the number of labels on the market but it is still a good sampling. Whether you like these particular brands or not, the companies are doing something right to endure. Kudos to all of them.

  • Aurora – 1919
  • De Atramentis – 1988
  • Diamine – 1864
  • J. Herbin – 1670
  • Noodler’s Ink – 2004?
  • Parker – 1931
  • Pelikan – 1838
  • Private Reserve – 1998
  • Rohrer & Klingner – 1892
  • Sheaffer – 1922
  • Waterman – 189?


  1. Thanks for the list.

    Any idea when Lamy began offering their own ink?


    • Couldn’t find anything definitive about Lamy ink but will update the list if someone else does.


      • Thank you.


  2. Your post made me think of adding to my ink collection – I don’t have any De Atramentis inks – now I have one on order along with seven others from Diamine and Noodler’s. Thanks… 🙂


    • Uh, oh. Another inkophile in the making. 😉


  3. I think Noodler’s was actually 2003, maybe even 2002. Not that it matters much, they’re very much the ‘new kids on the block’ compared to all of these other companies!


    • Perhaps Noodler’s has been on the market since early in the decade but I couldn’t find the exact date. There are entries in the beginning of my 2005 journal made with Noodler’s Black which means I had it on hand in 2004. That is the earliest date I could find online as well.


  4. That’s pretty cool. Diamine wins!


  5. […] 4 –> Margana [Inkophile] has a great round-up of when popular ink companies started offering inks. […]


  6. […] 4 –> Margana [Inkophile] has a great round-up of when popular ink companies started offering inks. […]


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