Iroshizuku Retailers And Current Prices


Need an ink fix? If you are in the market for Iroshizuku, this post is for you. Below are the current prices in U.S. dollars as listed on the websites of fifteen retailers. Where shipping discounts were easy to locate, they have been noted.

  • Art Brown – $28
  • Bertram’s Inkwell – $35
  • Fahrney’s – $35
  • Fountain Pen Hospital – $35
  • Goulet Pens – $28
  • I Sell Pens – $27.80
  • Jet Pens – $31 – Free shipping over $25
  • Mel Pens – $29
  • Nibs.com – $35
  • Paradise Pen – $35
  • Pen Boutique – $28 – Free shipping over $50
  • Pendemonium – $35
  • Scottsdale Pen – $35
  • The Writing Desk – £25
  • Vanness Pen Shop – email for discounted price
  • Writer’s Bloc – $28

Links to these retailers can be found in the sidebar. Ebay is another source but beware the shipping fees. What looks like a good deal might be virtually equal to a retail purchase from your favorite ink purveyor. I want Pilot to see the U.S. as an important market so I purchase my Iroshizuku domestically. Hey, it’s simple, too, and I do love simple.

Update: The Ink Flow has Iroshizuku for $28 plus UPS shipping and a $3.50 handling charge. (h/t Gourmet Pens)



  1. Don’t forget to type in the code for your Fountain Pen Network discount with the Goulets [5%]. And ask if you get a bulk discount for buying 5 bottles or more at once. I think they said they were going to begin offering bulk discounts for everything on the site.


    • Thanks for the tip, Beth. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the compilation! Here’s another one for the list – The Ink Flow in San Antonio, Texas! Their Iroshizuku is $28/bottle. I’ve never ordered from them but they seem to carry a nice selection of things.



  3. Happy birthday, Margana! (Clicks delivered.)

    These guys are having a sale this month: $28 for Iroshizuku w/free shipping at $50 purchase. http://www.refillmonster.com


    • Thanks for the clicks and the tip. No new ink for me but I will be cycling through some old ones ans well as samples in the near future. There is something to be said for having a stash in reserve. 🙂


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