Starting Out The New Year With A Clean Sweep


What better way to start the year than with a thorough cleaning. Ten pens got the treatment and are drying, nibs down, in a wad of paper towel. That leaves a mere five for general use and two for testing. Does that sound like a lot? I assure you that is lean for me.

  • Parker ’51’ Aero F with Noodler’s Zhivago
  • Parker ’51’ Aero Special XF with Noodler’s Black (pen test)
  • Sailor 1911 F with Noodler’s Red-Black
  • Lamy Vista 1.1 with Iroshizuku shin-ryoku
  • Levenger Mink True Writer Masuyama CI with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan
  • Montblanc 220 OB with Rohrer & Klingner Magenta
  • Pilot Elite Socrates F Pocket Pen with Diamine Presidential Blue (ink test)

When a fountain pen won’t do, there are four more writing instruments at hand.

  • Levenger Starry Night Roller Ball with a black felt tip refill
  • Autopoint Mechanical Pencil
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen with a black cartridge
  • OXO Pink Highlighter

Elena sent a couple of Mitsu-Bishi 9800 2B pencils that will get some playtime soon. It’s likely the Levenger Kyoto True Writer Masuyama Stub will get a load of Iroshizuku syo-ro or possibly Private Reserve Ebony Blue in the near future. I love writing with this pen so it never stays clean for long.

That’s my winter rotation. What’s on your desk to start the new year?



  1. Blogs and fora make me ink way too many pens all at once. I miss the easier times when I was disciplined enough to keep only two pens inked and one inkwell in use.

    My current rotation is as follows:

    Sailor Realo with cross-music nib – Pelikan 4001 royal blue
    Pilot Custom 74 with music nib – Pilot Iroshizuku sho-ro
    Athena Basic Line, F nib – Sailor yama-dori (almost done!)
    Sailor pocket pen, inlaid F nib – Montblanc Irish green
    Pilot Prera, eyedropper – Senator regent royal blue
    Parker Falcon 50 – Sailor miruai
    Parker 51 vacumatic – Pilot Iroshizuku kon-peki
    Sailor Profit junior, 14 K M nib – Pilot Iroshizuku yama-budo

    Eight!!! Too many, way too many.

    Thanks for the hard work, Margana.




    • That’s a great rotation, Bruno. Lots of variety in all respects. Two pens and one inkwell might be disciplined but it would be dull in comparison.




  2. Two MB 146 OBBs
    MB 146 BB
    Spirit of Life IB
    Sheaffer Legacy stub
    Visconti Romanica M
    Too lazy to get up and look at the inks, but they’re mostly Iroshizuku with a Herbin thrown in for fun.


    • Love those honking big nibs, Beth. Isn’t Iroshizuku just the best thing for them? Discovering what shin-ryoku did for the Vista 1.1 was an eye-opener last year. Then there was syo-ro in the TW stub. Which Iro do you think is the best for your wide nibs? I have another Vista that could use a workout…



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