Levenger Discount And A True Writer Fountain Pen


Saw a Levenger discount this afternoon that made me wish for another True Writer to stub. Mike Masuyama did a great job with my Kyoto and it would be useful as well as fun to have a second one for ink variety. The colorful Sea Glass version with a stubbed bold nib could be just the thing to brighten my desk.

Yes, I do have several True Writers but they are retired colors and I like to keep those with the original nibs unless the nib is imperfect. So a Sea Glass pen with its happy colors could be just the thing and would work perfectly with my True Writer black pen stand, too.

No new pen for me this year but you could get one with the 20% discount on a $50 order. The code is 20PC2011A.

Hint: It’s okay to buy a gift for yourself especially if it’s a nice one.

Levenger True Writer® Sea Glass Fountain Pen

Levenger True Writer® Sea Glass Fountain Pen



  1. I have a nib that Mike custom ground for me and I love it – it suits my writing perfectly (not a stub, it just mimics my favorite writer, an old Parker).

    The Levenger nibs do interchange, so you ought to be able to swap that stub into any of your True Writers for fun. Levenger also sells just the nibs. (No affiliation, just a True Writer fan with three in the family – including a Kyoto and a Sea Glass, in fact. I did a quick write-up on them some months ago as well.)

    Enjoy your custom stub!


    • Indeed, Sheila. Bought my first TW before Levenger offered replacement nibs except in stores and then only if you knew to ask about them. I was delighted to learn of that option several years ago and have replaced a couple of damaged ones that came on used pens. It’s one of the reasons I have written with high regard for TWs in the past. But I still like to keep the same size nib on a retired color as it originally had. It’s just a personal preference. Plus if a modification went awry and the pen got damaged or it got lost in shipment on its return, it would be difficult to replace a retired color and easy to replace one from the current color selection.

      Anyway, the Sea Glass is one I have admired since its release. Does yours have a lot of black bits? I’ve wondered how truly representative the online images are.


  2. Your approach totally makes sense. I agree with you that they are great pens and in my opinion often underestimated.

    Not sure if this will work but I will try to change the link off of my name to go to some photos I took of all of our TWs, which includes the Sea Glass. I don’t think Levenger’s catalog or Web shots do the pen justice. Not sure how many black bits would count as a lot for you, but they are definitely there.

    In case it doesn’t work, the images are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/115900220933350555359/TrueWriter?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCISgn8S3pczZsgE&feat=directlink

    If all else fails, there’s always copy/paste…


    • Thanks for sharing the images, Sheila. You have a great collection. The Sea Glass is far more balanced color-wise than the Levenger site would indicate. Good to know. 🙂


  3. Oh, and let me just add that…wow, you have a tangerine one! That is just so cool.


    • It took a long time to find a tangerine in my price range. There is one listed on eBay that appears to be orange but I haven’t verified that with the seller. Just mentioning it in case it’s on your “must have list”…


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