Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Brand Of Ink?


Do you have a favorite brand of fountain pen ink? Then this poll’s for you.

Can’t choose just one? You can vote for as many as three making this poll highly unscientific but fun nonetheless.

The choices are limited to brands currently available though some boutique brands are not listed. Select “Other” if you love one of them and add a comment with its name so other inkophiles can see what they are missing.

This poll will close on 1/3/2012.


  1. I voted for Noodler’s because it has such a vast variety of inks and most inks are very affordable.


  2. How could I vote? I have only used three different brands… That is not enough to consider all the wonderful inks.


  3. I have more Diamine than anything else, but I love Herbin’s colours.

    I like Noodlers because of the way Nathan seems to have looked at the things fountain pen inks aren’t supposed to do, and then set about making at least some part of his product line do precisely that!


  4. I’m surprised anyone has voted for Montblanc. Personally, I’m not a fan and I think their ink is a bit rubbish! I love J. Herbin the most :). Interesting question, though!


  5. How come you chose not to group pilot/namiki with Iroshizuku and Platinum w/ Platinum Mix-free?


    • Iroshizuku is very different from the existing line of Pilot/Namiki inks and is most often called Iroshizuku rather than Pilot Iroshizuku. I would bet some people don’t even know it is made by Pilot.

      Platinum Mix-Free seems like an entirely different product line than the other Platinum inks. So I decided it should stand alone.


  6. In Europe, I vote for Diamine–locally available, no import taxes, lowest price per ml.

    In Japan, I vote for Pelikan 4001–locally available, lowest price per ml.




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