This Pilot Prera Is Clearly Brilliant


If you like clear fountain pens, the Pilot Prera Demonstrator might be the perfect thing. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous paired with Iroshizuku ink? Whether matching or contrasting, it’s sure to be eye-catching. Anyone game for this one?

Pilot Prera Demonstrator at Art Brown Pen Shop

Pilot Prera Demonstrator at Art Brown Pen Shop



  1. I got 3 of these, the blue, light blue and pink. They are quite nice little pens.


    • Three? Nice. Fine nibs?

      Given that it’s fall and Halloween is next week, the orange looks appealing. I’d probably fill it with purple or green ink just to be contrary. 😉


  2. These are lovely but too bad they don’t have B nibs. My M nib is too fine for my tastes.


    • You might be able to swap the medium nib for a Pilot Plumix medium. I bought one at Target last year that has a straight cut 0.8 italic nib though it was labeled medium. No iridium so it isn’t the smoothest of nibs but it works well enough. It attached easily to my ivory Prera. If I were to buy one of the demos that’s the nib I would use.


  3. Yes, I got fine nibs. These are handy little pens and I love the Japanese nibs…just fine enough for me. I’m thinking of putting contrasting colors in them, too. What fun is it to match colors?
    Aren’t we all about having fun??


    • Fun indeed!


  4. And making them eyedroppers is really easy–just fill hte empty barrel and tighten it firmly back.

    A great deal, I think.

    Thanks for your active blog.



    • Turning the Prera into an eyedropper would really let the ink color show and the amount of ink would be significant. What a great idea!


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