Finding Your Inner Doodle


Have you found your doodle, that squiggle that gets drawn day after day? If you can fill pages with it when words aren’t enough or maybe even too much, then you’ve found your mate. If not, then it’s time for a little inspiration.

There are so many ways to make that mark whether a unique one or a common character. It is relaxing to let it flow and at the same time can help concentrate energy and thought. If you found something like that ages ago, good on you. If you haven’t discovered at least one loopy, squared, silly, lame doodle that has a cathartic effect, I highly recommend searching for your signature doo.

Be prepared for an evolving design. Mine has changed over the years with a modification emerging just last month. Now my spirals have grown long tails that can be used to join groups together. No telling when it will get displaced by something different but for now it is fun to get the hang of this latest incarnation.

Albert Einstein on Logic and Imagination

Albert Einstein on Logic and Imagination

Not sure how to start? Take a pen and simply draw circles, lines, squares, dots, or symbols.

∞ ✺ ☠ ❆ ⌘ @ § ∭

A looping lower case letter “f” makes a good one, too.

J. Herbin Rouille D'Ancre on Rhodia Paper

J. Herbin Rouille D'Ancre on Rhodia Paper

Leaves, rocks, bubbles, grapes on the vine. Anything will do.

Brush Pen Over Copic Sketch Pen

Brush Pen Over Copic Sketch Pen

Draw it in the margins of your journal, on scrap paper, used envelopes, anywhere there is space. If it makes you happy, calm, relaxed, or even energized, you’ve found your doodle. Expand it. Make it small. Make it large. Change inks. Change pens. But have fun with it. After all this doo was made for you.

Swirly Squiggles

Swirly Squiggles



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  3. Cool page, Fred!


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