Levenger True Writer Blue Delft Fountain Pen


Levenger has a new True Writer® in shades of blue and it sure is pretty.

Levenger True Writer® Blue Delft Fountain Pen

Levenger True Writer® Blue Delft Fountain Pen

The pattern is called Blue Delft after the blue and white pottery that originated in the Netherlands in the 16th century. Chrome furnishings perfectly complement the delicate colors of the barrel. If you like matching pen to ink, this gem will suit a huge range of cool blues. Certainly black would be practical and elegant but a shocking pink might just the thing to express your wicked sense of humor.

Many of my True Writer pens are conversation starters and this new model is no exception.

Can you tell this is one fountain pen I would love to own?



  1. What color! I love it


  2. Oh, wow. That’s gorgeous. Thanks for the heads-up on that.


  3. Margana
    A beautiful cracked ice fountain pen – just add a stub nib and what else do you need, except maybe a bottle of Diamine Prussian Blue ink to fill it with!


    • Indeed, Mike, a stub could be just the thing for a pen that should work with so many inks. Prussian Blue is just the beginning. 🙂


  4. Yes indeed – spoken like a true Inkophile!


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