Montblanc And Princess Grace


Montblanc has created a beautiful new collection including three one-of-a-kind fine jewelery sets, timepieces, and writing instruments dedicated to the fabulous Princess Grace of Monaco. Classic, sophisticated but delicately designed, these pieces befit the grace and elegance of the style icon.

Whether smitten or gobsmacked, this is one gorgeous fountain pen.

I’m in love.

Montblanc "Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco"

Montblanc "Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco"

As a further tribute Montblanc has announced a donation of $1 Million USD to support the Princess Grace Foundation USA which is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to identifying and assisting emerging talent in theater, dance, and film. Well done, Montblanc!

Note: The image was sent by Nadine Cornehl from Montblanc and is from the World Premiere of the Montblanc “Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco”, which took place on September 8, 2011 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Please visit the Montblanc website for more images and information.



  1. Their website for this collection is really bad. I could only find one pen – LE of 4 – this is really beautiful but it would be nice to see more.


  2. Sorry that should have been 3 not 4


  3. To each his/her own – this pen is a bit too twee for me.


  4. […] outdone themselves with their new fountain pen – a tribute to Princess Grace of Monaco.  Inkophile did a post on the pen, and you can follow the blog links to the [quite rubbish] Montblanc website on […]


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