Pelikan Edelstein Ink


Pelikan Edelstein Ink was introduced in 2010 and caused an immediate stir over the attractive bottles.

Pelikan Edelstein Ink

Pelikan Edelstein Ink

Handsome bottles are nice but ink counts more. Ryan at The Pear Tree Pen Company did a good thing and sent sample vials so I could get a firsthand look. Unfortunately, my swatches were difficult to scan and got set aside for lack of a decent image. This week new scans captured the colors better so here is my long-delayed post.

Pelikan Edelstein Ink Swatch

Pelikan Edelstein Ink Swatch

The image above is decent except that Sapphire really is a purple-blue and a nice one at that. The other colors look fairly accurate if more pale than what you would get from a nib. I used a watercolor brush on Strathmore Windpower Sketch paper to get a better sense of the range.

Without a brown or true red, Edelstein isn’t a full spectrum line but the colors currently available do comprise a useful palette. In fact the colors are more vibrant than any online swatches I’ve seen. If you prefer a single manufacturer, this is a simple group that would do the trick.

Wondering about other properties? Nothing disappointing here. Coverage is good with no bleed-through or feathering even on a paper like Windpower that can have the latter issue. Shading seems pen-dependent and there is no outlining. Flow is good but not especially lubricating. This isn’t Iroshizuku but I don’t favor that brand in a Pelikan. The half dozen Pels I’ve used were fairly free-flowing and seem well-matched to Edelstein. My opinion of Peikan pens is subjective so do rely on your own experience.

Edelstein has outperformed my expectations though at $20 per bottle, premium ink attractively packaged should be a given. On that score Pelikan has delivered.

For an in-depth review of Edelstein Ruby, head over to CarpeDavid.


  1. They look gorgeous, especially the Mandarin.


    • Mandarin would be my favorite of the lot. 🙂


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