Highlighter Highlighted


An Art Brown email finally tempted me to click through to the brilliant Pelikan fountain pen highlighter. If I needed one, the M205 Duo would be my first choice.

Pelikans are very easy to clean and well built so the pen fits my basic criteria. Pel ink has been around for ages and is good quality. But in this case it’s the perfect combination of a see-through pen paired with a vibrant ink that makes this duo so stunning.

Whether it reminds you of candy or fruit or something else entirely, it’s a lively pair that would not get ignored. Isn’t that what using a highlighter is all about?

Pelikan M205 Duo Hilighter

Pelikan M205 Duo Hilighter



  1. I have really been pining for this pen! It just looks so beautiful. I think if it came with the italic nib I probably would have gotten it already. 😉


    • That would make it a special pen. The nibs are easy to swap if you find an italic somewhere. Or you could get the broad nib modified to suit your specs. Hard not to find that an intriguing option. 🙂


  2. By any chance have you tried M205? I have been eying on it since JetPens starting to carry it… very tempting.


    • No, I haven’t used the M205. Once upon a time I had a smoke gray demonstrator and still have the M215 with silver rings. Several years ago I owned a couple of vintage Pels and still have a blue M400 from the 1990’s. I’ve never owned a poorly made Pel so find them easy to recommend.


  3. This looks like one cool pen!


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