Diamine, The Tortoise In The Race


Diamine has announced twenty new colors but don’t get excited yet. It will take at least a year for all of them to hit the marketplace.

I am not a fan of long runways for which this gradual release surely qualifies. From a marketing perspective, they wasted buzz that could have been substantial as colors became available. Sailor’s seasonal release program is a good example of how to get people excited and eager to make a fast haul of the latest and greatest product. Now someone will have to remind me to make a purchase a year from now for surely this one will fall off my radar screen.

Just to be clear, Diamine makes good quality ink which is why it is the tortoise in the race. There will be winners in the lot but other companies will run rings around them in the meantime with better marketing if fewer new items.

Plus they still don’t appear to have good replacements for Montblanc Racing Green or Parker Penman Ruby unless Merlot qualifies for the latter. The online swatch looks too pink but my monitor could be wrong. Of course, there is always the possibility I will find something even more suitable. Hey, I’ve got nearly a year to look for it!



  1. “…they still don’t appear to have good replacements for Montblanc Racing Green….”

    A correspondent of mine was using Diamine’s Evergreen, and it was pretty close– a good deal more like the MB colour than the on-line swatch suggests.


    • That’s a good suggestion. I bought Evergreen just after it was released. It’s a brighter green if memory serves if only slightly so. Unfortunately, the other properties do not resemble Montblanc Racing Green. Flow and shading are half the draw to MBRG and Evergreen is just a typical ink for those characteristics. It might be due to saturation but it is thicker and lacks the delightful shading that makes MBRG one of my favorite inks.

      Adding a tiny amount of distilled water to Evergreen might take it closer to MBRG in color but it might also make it too pale. For now though it is one of the most similar inks on the market. So unless one is being horribly picky, it is a likely substitute. Diamine’s Green/Black is another possibility. Noodler’s Zhivago is a pretty fair substitute though it is slower to dry. A little distilled water might be just the thing to make that ink an excellent replacement.

      Rumor has it that Diamine is continuing to work on a version of MBRG. Hopefully, they will come up with one that satisfies even the diehards amongst us. In the meantime I will ration my stash carefully, enjoy using it immensely, and keep my fingers crossed someone releases a true successor before my inventory runs dry.


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