Midnight Madness from Pendemonium


Every Monday morning Sam from Pendemonium teases the community with pen-related goodies in her Midnight Madness email. This is one I always open.

From ephemera to collectibles to contemporary pieces, there are items any aficionado would covet. If this week nothing suits your fancy, then next week something different will come along. Piggy bank empty? Enjoy the pen history and make a list for the future.

If you aren’t on Sam’s mailing list, then you ought to be. But don’t be slow when you find something you like. This good stuff goes really, really fast.


  1. Can’t resist looking. Some days you see things you never knew existed. Other times you see stuff you haven’t seen since childhood.


    • Beth, do you ever see something in a Midnight Madness email that makes you want to start collecting something new? Inkwells always catch my eye but so do other items. Resistance is difficult if not futile.


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