Platinum Mix Free Ink Is Here!


From The Pear Tree Pen Company via Twitter and Facebook this morning:

Platinum Mix Free Inks are here on Tuesday, and sets are available for pre-order now!

The $40 introductory price break is worth noting as is the initial shipping date of July 6th. Wanna be first on your block? You can place your pre-order now.

Let me know what you think of Mix Free. It’s just the sort of thing that should make a true inkophile smile.

Update: This PTP post has a little more information on the new inks.



  1. $40 discount is nice – but $$ still makes it a little out of my league at the moment


    • I hear ya! Still when I look at my ink budget over the course of a year and the per bottle price versus the set ($20 vs $16.66), it starts to make more sense. Plus the extras come with the set. As an artist you know how much fun it would be to mix your own colors. Not trying to talk you into a purchase so much as thinking out loud…


  2. Goulet Pens said they will put together samples of them. Depending on the price I might try that first to see if I like the inks and colours 🙂


    • I expect PTP to do the same. We shall see who offers the better deal. 😉


  3. We have ink sets in stock for immediate shipment http://www.artbrown.com/Platinum-Mix-Free-Ink-Mixing-Kit-P35514C646.aspx


  4. Thanks for the news!

    Now, are they good or bad? Still wondering!

    Thanks again.



    • Heh. I’m wondering, too. I’ve queried someone who has them in hand to see what he thinks of their properties beyond the colors. So far they look good on paper with lovely, clear colors that I would like even without mixing them.


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