When A Tangerine Isn’t A Fruit


The tangerine Levenger True Writer has eluded me for years. On occasion I’ve even written about my search for the long-discontinued shade. Finally this week success! The color is even better than its images and will match nearly every orange ink in my collection. Yum!

Enough talk. Time to put this baby to work.

Tangerine Levenger True Writer

Tangerine Levenger True Writer



  1. Congrats, can’t wait to read your opinion on whether it writes as good as it taste and looks.


  2. What nib size?


    • Beth, the nib is a fine but I won’t hold that against it. It’s easy enough to replace the nib or get it reground. My broad TW modified by Mike Masuyama to a stub is sweet indeed. Yes, that might be just the thing for this pen.

      After I wrote the post, I discovered the cap jewel has two small chips that were undisclosed by the seller. Hopefully, they won’t expand.

      I never wear orange but I do like it in pens. Maybe it’s the Rhodia influence and years of carrying those notebooks with orange covers. Now the color just looks totally right. 🙂


  3. I didn’t know they ever made a tangerine. I have seen the yellow, though. What other early colors were there?


    • You can view the entire timeline of True Writer Colors at the True History page on the Levenger site.


  4. Congratulations on finding a Tangerine. I searched for quite a while and just happened to find one at the Baltimore Pen Show – new!
    The color is stunning.


    • Lucky you!


  5. […] my rotation is still evolving after a mere ten years. As evidence last week two pens arrived, the tangerine Levenger True Writer with a very nice fine nib and Pilot’s resin Namiki Falcon SB with a soft broad nib. Guess […]


  6. Do you know where I could find a tangerine truewriter?
    I also have been looking for one , for a few year’s.
    Any lead’s, or, suggestions?


    • The tangerine True Writer is very hard to find. A NOS sold recently for about $125 on eBay. That’s where I bought mine and the only venue I’ve seen the tangerine. Two or three have turned up each year so that’s the most likely resource. You could try placing a Wanted To Buy listing pen message boards like FPN and Pen Trace. The only color I’ve found even more elusive is the abalone. Fewer than one per year for that color at eBay.


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