Another Bunch of Links


A varied assortment for a quiet moment…

An Inkophile request: Should you pass on a link you first learned of here, please credit Inkophile with a “hat tip” or “via” or whatever suits you. It isn’t so much about getting credit for digging up lots of good stuff as it is about bringing in new people who might enjoy the full list of links. Thanks! I knew you’d understand.



  1. I have done this with a Preppy, and I am also using a “made for the purpose” already converted one that came with a bottle of Noodler’s Nikita Red. I’ve been very pleased with this type of pen conversion.

    I use the red ink filled eyedropper conversion at the office. I tend to keep it in my portfolio case and the pen travels around with me to different client sites. I don’t have to worry about checking to see if the pen is filled for months. Since the actual pen is only a four or five bucks, were it to go missing somewhere in my local travels, it can be replaced at little cost.

    I use both an o-ring gasket and the silicone grease, and I’ve not had any real trouble with leakage.


  2. In addition to the earlier post about an eyedropper pen, I also wanted to post something about inkwells.

    I have both antique and modern inkwells. I love my fountain pens, but I still employ an inkwell on my desk at home. Using an inkwell and a dip pen lets me “customize” my writing, and I have ended up with my own variety of black ink used just with my dip pens.


    • Thank you for the additional information. Don’t get me started on inkwells. Fancying another beautiful collectible I do not need. One does have limits…of sorts…


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