When Only Real Ink Will Do


Have you wasted too much money on ink that doesn’t thrill you? The Fountain Pen Ink sample booklet by Michael Richter could be the perfect solution to selecting just the right shade. The swatches are made with real ink – not printed or photocopied. The squiggles are artistically rendered and consistent which is helpful for comparison purposes. In fact for an inkophile, this trove of inky samples may well qualify as an art book though one destined for a protected spot rather than an anyone-can-grab-it coffee table location. No sticky fingerprints on this baby!

Michael has been making these booklets along with other dynamic swatches for years and has an excellent reputation in the pen community. Not only is there a new edition but there are older editions available as well. At $20 plus shipping per booklet, it is less expensive than a bottle of many brands of ink. So if seeing is believing, this could be just the thing for you.



  1. It’s very smart what he’s doing. I imagine a lot of work goes into those booklets. He mentions that he uses the same nib. I wonder if that means washing the pen after every ink sample.


    • Yes, he would have to wash but that takes seconds with a dip pen. The trick is to get the nib totally dry so no water dilutes the next color.


  2. Brilliant.


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