A Hunch And The Treasure


Several years ago when pens and inks caught my fancy, many of my art supplies got stored out of harm’s way. That was so long ago I have forgotten what went into the boxes and drawers. Tonight I pulled out a couple of containers and discovered a trove of watercolor brushes. Amongst the dozen I found four that are standouts.

For those who know brushes, the ones that got me excited are from Isabey and include a Squirrel Mop Travel brush, a #0 and a #4 Siberian Blue Squirrel Quill Mop, plus a Kolinsky Sable Round #6. That’s a significant haul especially since my only quill mop, a #2 Isabey, has recently become my favorite brush. More luck in that the #6 round is my second favorite doodle-at-my-desk brush and a Kolinsky is the best you can buy. If you can’t relate to brushes, adding more sizes is like having a variety of special nibs. This find definitely rates a WOW!

Back when those brushes were purchased, I didn’t truly appreciate them but today they are perfect. Glad I followed a hunch there was a quill mop hiding here somewhere. Lesson learned. Hunches are valuable and treasure is a matter of perspective.


One comment

  1. Yum – what a great find. Have fun with them.


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