When Only Blueberry Will Do


Blueberry is my fruit of the moment. From scones to oatmeal to blueberry tea, it’s the flavor du jour at my home. Tasty and healthful, what’s not to like?

Blueberries display a gorgeous variety of colors from green to blue to purple any of which would be delightful shades for fountain pen ink. However, at present I am only searching for a one that hits the deep blue of the berry’s skin. My usual green-blue favorites just won’t do.

So fellow inkophiles, any suggestions?



  1. For shading, try Herbin’s Bleu Nuit. For intensity, Private Reserve’s Black Magic Blue or Tanzanite


  2. Diamine Midnight and Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng are both lovely dark, deep blues.


  3. Right now my blue-blue favorite is the Pelikan Royal Blue. And yum! Blueberry season is here and getting better every day. It’s my favorite berry followed by fresh strawberries.


  4. My only experience with purples is Noodler’s North African Violet but I really like it, so I would heartily recommend it.


  5. 1 part Waterman’s Blue-Black and 1 part Private Reserve Arabian Rose (which, despite the name, is more of a Tyrian purple) makes a nice dark purple.


  6. The Lamy Blue-Black samples that were just posted at gouletpens.com look remarkably blueberry. The swabshop also has a blue-black group and lots of other samples to look at.

    I wonder if you could extract dye from blueberries? I think they used to make dyes from poke berries… Might be a fun experiment.


  7. Recently got Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher. Reminds me of the background color for this blog. Real nice deep dark blue without being black at all.


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