End That Junk Mail Deluge


Speaking of the post office and delivering mail, nearly half of what the postie crams into my mail slot goes into the recycle bin. That is a waste in so many ways but it is also an unnecessary nuisance.

Turns out it is pretty easy if a bit time consuming to get removed from those pesky mailing lists. There are lots of websites on the subject but Ecocycle.org has exactly what I need. Yea!



  1. Hi! Umm this isn;t about junk mail, but I was wondering if dip pens were any good to write with


    • My experience with dip pens is limited. Most only hold a small amount of ink so if frequent dipping in a pot of ink doesn’t put you off, you might enjoy the huge variety of nib types and sizes. People who get the knack of them think they are great but so far I only use them to test new inks. At that they are excellent.


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