Levenger And The Bookends


The latest Levenger catalog hit my desk today and as usual I flipped through it looking for something appealing for pen and ink lovers. The new Bronze Hare Pen Stand is cute and the Captain Flint’s Pen Perch is about as close as I’m likely to get to owning a parrot. Someday I may spring for one and possibly the Sea Glass True Writer, too.

However, what really caught my eye were the bookends. Levenger has three that I would own in a heartbeat: the giraffes, bear, and White Fang. Others are equally charming and several are offered at special prices. So if you have a pile of books that could use something to lean on, this is your chance.

Levenger's Reading Bear Bookend

Levenger's Reading Bear Bookend



  1. The White Fang/Call of the Wild bookends are gorgeous, aren’t they?


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Levenger. […]


  3. Oh my. I will just have to get a couple of those book ends!


  4. Hello. Please take this seriously. I have the giraffe bookends.
    They are in the original box, and were never opened and never will be. I bought them for myself right after I moved down to Florida.
    My company has me running around like mad, and I rarely read except through my kindle fire. If you want them but for a fraction of the price, please let me know.
    If you live in the Palm Beach Area you could either pick them up, or they could be shipped by UPS. I don’t expect anywhere near Levinger’s price.


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