New Ink Colors From Sailor


Swisher Pens announced today that “Sailor is coming out with 6 new colors of their Jentle ink line. These will be part of their regular line. ITOYA (U.S. distributor) should be receiving these inks by early April. However, we can start taking pre-orders at any time.”

There is no mention of the new colors being exclusive so expect to see them at your favorite retailer along with the current black, blue, and blue-black inks.

The new colors are

  • Apricot – yellow-orange
  • Epinard – blue-green
  • Grenade – pink-purple
  • Peche – soft pink
  • Sky High – sky blue
  • Ultra Marine – deep blue-purple


  1. Oooh. Epinard & Ultra-Marine sound particularly exciting. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. No preview pics? 😉


    • Hi Erin,

      The only pics I could find are at the Swisher link. Looks like I’ll have to wait for an inky friend to share a wee sample when they arrive stateside. If/when that happens, swatches will get posted. Otherwise, FPN is the most likely place to find pics. Some of the members are super fast at acquiring new inks. I think there is a one-ups-man-ship about who gets there first and a couple of those guys have unlimited resources. So look for the earliest pics there. Mere mortals cannot compete. 😉



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