Daycraft Planners and Notebooks


Daycraft paper products are designed in Hong Kong and manufactured in Dongguan, China. With a corporate line as well as a broad appeal collection and a fine attention to detail, there is sure to be at least one form that any writer can love.


Daycraft 2010 Notebooks

Daycraft 2010 Notebooks

The company was kind enough to send a variety of products for review. Each has striking visual appeal and several even display a touch of whimsy. All arrived shrink wrapped so the pages and covers were pristine. Excellent quality is consistent amongst the books at hand. All save one have attached ribbon bookmarks which is a real plus for a planner. Pages are sewn in some notebooks but not in others. All have useful information pages like calendars, almanacs, even maps though the content varies from item to item. There are a few perforated memo pages in the back which is another plus.

Daycraft 2010 Planners and Notebooks

Daycraft 2010 Planners and Notebooks

On the back cover, notebooks list the paper weight along with other pertinent data while planners include information about the calendar design along with other assorted specs. All have an external drawing of the book’s page layout which is very convenient for selecting the most suitable model.


Daycraft Executive 2010 Diary Sample

Daycraft Executive 2010 Diary Sample

Now here is the caveat. The paper weight varies from style to style. Not that fountain pen ink doesn’t work but the show-through and bleed-through can be significant. Some journals have heavier paper so it really depends on the journal.

Unlike those of you who make commitments easily, I write in my planner with a mechanical pencil and at this, Daycraft paper excels. Dates and plans are forever shifting in my world thus fountain pens are less than ideal for my purposes. While all of the planners and journals will work beautifully with a pencil, it will require being a little selective to get the best paper for an uncompromising fountain pen user.

If this all sounds promising, Daycraft’s market penetration has yet to include North or South America but they hope to arrive soon. When they do, there are so many choices, I am certain there is a winner for everyone.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Margana and kookychick. kookychick said: Love the colorful covers! 🙂 RT @inkophile: Daycraft Planners and Notebooks: http://wp.me/pfSKv-uq […]


  2. I like the graphics they use on the book covers. Makes them fun and unique.


  3. This isn’t about the journals but I was wondering how your handwriting is so perfect? Did it become like that over many years or has it always been like that??


    • Wow! Thanks for the compliment. While I do modify a letter now and then, my writing is its own creation and has evolved without any encouragement from me. Still I will work with a pen to get the most from it. Usually that comes from finding the best angle at which the nib meets the paper. Also, flow plays a part. Some nibs and inks are just wonderful together. That makes writing more fun if not more legible.

      Check out Getty-Dubay if you want to modify your penmanship or contact Kate Gladstone directly. Links are in the sidebar under Calligraphy & Penmanship.


  4. Thanks! And also I have never had a fountain pen but I would really like one… Since I have never had one I wanted to buy a cheap pen. Would you recommend any? And cheap would be about $25…


    • A great way to give fountain pens a try is the Pilot Varsity. It is disposable and comes with a barrel full of ink. If you really like the way a fountain pen writes, there are a few decent pens in your price range but the Lamy Safari, especially with a refillable converter, might be the best of the lot. Pilot also makes a few inexpensive models including the Plumix which I found at Target last year.

      You can learn more about fountain pens at FountainPenNetwork.com. Lots of folks there would be happy to give you a helping hand.


  5. Has anyone tried the Sheaffer Prelude? it looks pretty nice but I don’t know if it writes well. If anyone has tried it any information would be greatly appreciated.


    • Can’t help you with the Prelude. Hopefully, someone else can.


  6. Too cute! I love the one with the “non smoking” sign on the front.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t tried the Sheaffer Prelude, but if anyone else has, I’d love to know their thoughts! I’m always looking for great new pens!


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