What’s Your Favorite Ink For The Holidays?


Last year it was green but this year J. Herbin ‘1670’, Edition Anniversaire, Rouge Hematite, easily the most unique new ink for 2010, heads my list. Which ink has earned that slot in your rotation?

J. Herbin '1670' Rouge Hematite with Rhodia Grid Notebook

J. Herbin '1670' Rouge Hematite with Rhodia Grid Notebook




  1. My favorite holiday color is Noodler’s Verdun Green! It’s a nice, bright, rich green, easy to read, yet distinctive! And bulletproof to boot, in case it gets dropped in the snow in transit! 😉


  2. I agree with the 1670 and have sent out all of my Christmas correspondence with 1670.


  3. I also have to go with the 1670 ink.
    Pretty interesting stuff…


  4. I’m infatuated with Diamine Syrah this season. Like the Herbin 1670, it’s a beautiful, deep, elegant red.


  5. Last month I bought, in a weak moment, many of the darker Diamine reds…including dragon, Monaco, syrah, oxblood etc. Just too hard to choose and I love using a nice deep red anyway, even for everyday notes. Also got several wonderful greens, including Sherwood green–also gorgeous. Currently Diamine has best range of colours for me. Now— if I can only get my cards out before it is too late!


  6. The 1670 is pretty swank! I’m using the Levenger Cardinal Red because it’s here and I don’t use a lot of red.

    Holiday notes with that, (Lamy XF nib) on Crane’s natural white note cards, green border & lined envelopes.


  7. Funny you should ask…I have a bottle of the 1670, and I intended to use it for Christmas correspondence – but I recently got a sample of Black Swan and put it in an Estie with a flex nib. Since then al of my other pens are lying around feeling rather neglected, and all of my holiday notes are in Black Swan! With that burgundy cast, I suppose it’s appropriate…


  8. I am lucky enough to have an ample supply of Penman Ruby and Emerald. I have been doing my Christmas Cards with them for the past 10 or 12 years.


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