An Orange Sunset From Iroshizuku Ink


Do you like a seasonal palette? If it’s autumn in your part of the world, Iroshizuku Yu-Yake would be a lovely burnt orange ink for this time of year. Now here’s the really sweet part. With my Namiki Falcon semi-flex, it even produced shading and a little bit of outlining. What’s not to like?

Iroshizuku Yu-Yake

Iroshizuku Yu-Yake

Yes, I know it’s a premium ink and pricey which places it outside the comfort zone of more than a few inkophiles. If you want a less expensive ink with many of the same properties, Noodler’s Apache Sunset might do. It is a bit more red and dries more slowly but it is a worthy orange, too. In fact I use it nearly as often as Yu-Yake. Both suit the season perfectly.

Iroshizuku Yu-Yake Ink

Iroshizuku Yu-Yake Ink



  1. Yesterday a friend came by and showed me his Pilot pen with Iroshizuku Yu-YakeI. I had seen this ink on the web, but not in person and practice. I wrote a couple of pages of notes on some Rhodia and this ink actually looks great. I was very suspicious of how it would look, being rather light. But, in a medium nib it looks great – shading is great, too.


  2. That really does capture a beautiful burnt orange. I remember as a kid I used to hate that color, but now I really like it! Funny how tastes change.


    • That’s exactly how the color orange has gone for me. I love its upbeat look and especially enjoy it in pens, inks, and flowers. Yum!


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