Color Me Blue On Washable Ink


File this under “Too good to be true” or inky disappointments. Both apply to my discovery that Diamine Washable Blue has stained my white marble Levenger True Writer.

Now the threads are blue where they ought to be white. No other similarly colored ink has ever been in this pen. Regardless, it was pristine before being filled with the offending ink. The damage is not dramatic due to the location but it is disappointing. Hrumph!



  1. Ouch! Hate to hear that!


  2. You could try the brush cleaner turpenoid natural. It takes out all the paint stains from my white plastic palettes and even most from white synthetic brush hair. It’s a natural cleaner and if you use a soft cloth it should not scratch your pen. Might be worth a go.


    • Thanks for the tip, Gentian. I don’t have turpenoid on hand but will get some soon. Not that my palettes are stained or anything but just in case…


  3. Do you have chlorine in your tap water where you are? The tiny bit of chlorine in our tap water here (UK) is enough to make most washable blues disappear after a while soaking. Chlorine is a mild form of bleach, which is also what eradicator pens are.

    Alternatively, rubbing with an ink eradicator pen would probably do the trick, but may be a little risky to the pen’s plastic – probably safe enough, but I don’t know for sure.


    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, we have chlorinated water in California but days of soaking did not remove the blue. I really thought soaking would do the trick but the acrylic threads and the “washable” ink have proven to be quite stubborn about being separated.

      I will continue to try various products but at least now my readers have been apprised of the risk. The color of Diamine Washable Blue is really quite nice but I wouldn’t use it in a pale colored pen again. A black pen will be a much better mate for it.



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