An Inky Deal Tempts An Inkophile


With the exception of a generous box of inks from Biffybeans, very few new ones have joined the crew here in the past year. However, Pear Tree Pens made an offer I couldn’t refuse with their Inktoberfest sale. Now three brand new bottles are headed my way: Rohrer & Klingner Salix and Scabiosa plus Caran d’Ache Storm. Yipee!

Note that the offer ends 10/15/2010 so order soon.



  1. Oooh!! That’s exciting ^_^ I’ll have to go look at the sale too.


  2. I’ve always thought the word “Scabiosa” sounds like a Harry Potter spell, hehe.


    • Thanks. Good laughs are always appreciated. 😀


  3. I have been curious about those inks by R&K – apart from the names that do scare me a bit – what exactly means “iron gall”? Thanks already for your patience…
    Inspired by your review I ordered PR’s Arabian Rose. I love it and so does the Lamy 2000 (who was a bit naughty in the past).
    Today life is so much rosier!


    • Hi Silvia,

      I’m so glad your Lamy 2000 and PR Arabian Rose have become “rosy” mates. It’s a lot like people in that the duos that work well together are often unexpected.

      Iron gall inks do have a reputation for damaging pens. They are made from iron salts and tannic acids from vegetable sources. Some people use them with good success though such inks can do serious damage to a pen if maintenance isn’t regular. Other pen users have reported no issues despite infrequent cleaning but I suspect they use their pens often enough to prevent ink drying out in the feed or nib. Modern iron gall formulas are less risky so I thought it time to see why some pen people think they are worth the risk. I’ll post test results soon.



  4. After having actually looked at your color choices, that Storm is a really intriguing shade of purple! I like that it is subtle. I’ve never seen a color quite like it.


    • Hi Nycteris,

      Hopefully, Storm is well-named. If so, it will be just the thing for winter and deeply purple shadows. It may be color kin to Diamine Damson though less saturated. Regardless, it’s en route and clean pens are ready for its arrival next week. Review to follow shortly.



  5. Hello!
    Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. I am looking forward to your reviews (no pressure intended ;-)).


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