A New Name in Ink – EVERFLO™


From Richard Binder’s October newsletter, Nib Noise, October 2010:

The Gate City Pen and Ink Company (makers of the New Postal Pen) means it about ink. Gate City is in the process of releasing its own especially-formulated vintage-style EVERFLO™ ink. Designed to bring back the great Golden Age writing feel, this ink deserves space on any inkophile’s shelf — and on yours, too!

We don’t know just when we’ll have EVERFLO™ available, but we’re hoping it’ll be sometime this month.

Five colors are slated for the initial release including Basic Black, Blue-Black, True Blue, Orchid, and India Green. The price is expected to be around $12 for a 3 oz. (90 cc) bottle, comparable to Noodler’s and a bargain in today’s market. Check out the Gate City Pen site’s ink page for more information about EVERFLO™ Fountain Pen Ink.


  1. Wow, VERY interesting.


  2. Orchid looks interesting. Thanks for the info.


    • Ah, we think alike, Julie. Gateway City needs to offer red, turquoise, purple, and brown inks to be truly competitive but if it is a line with truly superior properties, people will flock to it anyway. Given early feedback on Edelstein, EVERFLO looks to be the new kid on the block with the greatest potential for success.


  3. Whoa, yeah! Orchid for sure. The India Green looks “vintage” and will be on my shelf next to the Orchid.


  4. Blue-black ink is my preference for fountain pen inks. It is also what usually ends up being used with my dip pens too. I do have blacks and now a bottle of beautiful Noodler’s Nikita red ink, but the blue-black is useful at work, at home, and anyplace else I normally use a pen.


  5. Is the reservoir pen worth the 180+$ price tag? Never really used it; genuine question.


  6. I am looking forward to buying Everflo Ink as soon as it is released. I have used a pre-release bottle and find it excellent. Unfortunately, I gave the bottle to my daughter, and now want to replace it for myself.
    Thanks much,
    Jacqueline Olds


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