Seeing Green – Ink That Is


Sometimes making a list helps me organize. This time my list revealed that I like a lot of brands but it also revealed a surprising color bias. Out of my eleven top choices, four are green while both blues have more than a hint of green in their formulas. Then there is Waterman BBk that can appear quite green depending on the pen and paper. Who knew I had such a bias in favor of green!

One favorite ink from a variety of major manufacturers…

  • Diamine – Mediterranean Blue in a Namiki Falcon
  • J. Herbin – Lie de Thé in the mink brown Levenger True Writer F
  • Rohrer & Klingner – Solferino in a Pilot Elite Newton F
  • Noodler’s – Red-Black in a Sailor 1911 F
  • Iroshizuku – Ku-Jaku in a rhodium and black Sailor Sapporo F
  • Sailor – Uranari Green in a Lamy Safari 1.1 mm
  • Montblanc – Racing Green in the Lamy Safari custom cursive italic
  • Private Reserve – Avacado in a Waterman Carene Stub
  • Waterman – Blue-Black with any flex nib
  • Stipula – Moss Green in a Pilot Elite F
  • Parker Penman – Ruby in a Namiki Falcon

Seldom used inks but still my first choice from these manufacturers…

  • Pelikan – Blue-Black
  • Duke – Blue-Black
  • Levenger – Amethyst
  • Aurora – Black
  • Parker Quink – Blue-Black
  • Visconti – Blue
  • Sheaffer – Blue-Black
  • Platinum – Black
  • De Atramentis – Aubergine

When you look at your list of favorites, do you see a strong color influence or are you less slanted in your choices?



  1. I’ve always known I don’t have a lot of red inks, because I don’t like to write with red and that I’ve got several greens because I like green.
    But when I made a list I was surprised at how many blacks I had since most blacks are, well: Black.

    The list here is not the complete table as there are columns for date purchased and more. Sorting by date was also very revealing.


  2. The fountain pen world is new and I have 3 inks and a black and a purple cartridge. I don’t have a fav yet but I love my forest green. I’m curious, how many inks do you have?


    • I’ve been at this a long time and really have lost track. Still I would estimate that between samples, bottles and a few assorted cartridges, there are between 150 and 200 inks on my shelves. Time for a new storage facility, me thinks.


  3. I have finally acquired a Lamy al-star and a converter. Now I am rubbing my hands in fiendish glee trying to pick an ink. I expect it will either be green, or purple.


  4. I have always been a blue sort of person – ink wise – but now reading all these comments has motivated some experimenting. Suddenly I appreciate more greens and also browns. They actually go with my handwriting.
    I also tend to be event/season driven – planning some red for Christmas…
    Now that the racing green is gone, did you have a chance to look into the new Montblanc green?


    • Heh, hooked now are you? There are more expensive habits or so I am told.

      Samples of the new green have not grabbed my interest and new acquisitions are not a priority what with all the samples on hand. Maybe when I get the backlog reviewed, I will look for it. Or maybe not. I am still miffed that MBRG is no longer available.

      Are you going to purchase a bottle?


  5. Well, you are right, I am a bit hooked now 🙂
    On the MB green, I think you will find it a bit “déjà vu”. Good for springtime, maybe (here I go). Too bad I did not get the RG, that one really looks special on your photos.


  6. Huh. Funny. Now that you mention it, it occurs to me that although I don’t claim to love the color orange, the three pens I grab most have orangey inks in them– J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie, Noodler’s Habanero and Noodler’s Apache Sunset. Wow, I hadn’t realized. But those inks are gorgeous, and thrilling to use. Yes, thrilling. Well, okay, for me, anyway.

    But I love aquas, too. I always have a couple pens inked with Private Reserve Blue Suede (deep, lush teal) and J. Herbin Blue Pervenche (oh-so-happy aqua).


    • Whew. At least I am not the only one with this affliction though I must say it is rather rude of a single color to overrun my rotation.

      This time of year, orange would be a nice change. Time to break out Noodler’s Apache Sunset or J. Herbin Orange Indien or maybe Iroshizuku yu-yake. So many lovely colors suit this time of year. Thanks for reminding me to update my rotation.


  7. I “had” to go buy more inks so I had more than 3 colors. Now I’ll have 13 with some being the scented ink sampler, which I learned about through your blog. I need to slow down my spending for my new fountain pen and ink addiction soon.


    • Yes, it can only get worse/more addictive/fun/obsessive. Enjoy!


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