Diamine Raw Sienna Ink


Thanks to Biffybeans I spent part of the summer putting a few Diamine inks to the test. First up is Raw Sienna.

Diamine Raw Sienna Ink, Levenger True Writer and Rhodia Paper

Diamine Raw Sienna Ink, Levenger True Writer and Rhodia Paper

A mink brown Levenger True Writer fine nib is my first choice for all inks in the brown range and it proved to be an excellent match for Raw Sienna. Color-wise this ink would be a good substitute for the discontinued Sailor Brown. Raw Sienna is slightly more pale but you would have to see the inks adjacent to appreciate the subtle difference. Consider it a medium brown that would be fine for any use.

Diamine Raw Sienna Ink

Diamine Raw Sienna Ink

Raw Sienna is not fast drying on Rhodia but acceptable on Apica. It also isn’t lubricating but does have good flow. No feathering, bleed-through or show-through so I consider it well-behaved. It has absolutely no staying power when wet but that is not important for my purposes though it could be frustrating to some of you. Raw Sienna does shade but in a flat way, without the depth or color variation of my favorite brown, J. Herbin Lie de Thé.

Diamine Raw Sienna Water Test

Diamine Raw Sienna Water Test

My collection of brown inks is extensive so it is a challenge to come up with a color that adds anything significant. Diamine Raw Sepia doesn’t have qualities that make it a necessary addition. However, as a replacement for Sailor Brown, Raw Sepia could be a future acquisition. For someone who is ready for a first foray into brown ink, it would be a good introduction to this color range. And of course, since it is from Diamine, quality is a given.

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