Edelstein Ink Is Now Available


Art Brown now has the new Edelstein Ink from Pelikan in stock. Other dealers may as well so get your order into your favorite purveyor if you are an inkophile who wants to be first on your block to try the new product.

Since I am on an ink diet, I would love to know your opinion of Edelstein. If you write an online review, do post a link in the comments so we can all read what you think of it. Thanks!

UPDATE: 9.23.2010 17:13 PDT Just found out that Pear Tree Pens has its shipment of Edelstein in hand. Others do, too.



  1. I heard that GouletPens.com has them in stock today too. Though I am like you, not buying anything for the next few months… though I might order a sample of the Edelstein Sapphire at some point in the near future…


    • Within a matter of days, all of the usual vendors ought to have a stock of Edelstein. This is one release that isn’t a big deal for me but I have heard there is some attraction to the bottle. I’m not much impressed with bling and would definitely choose a great performing ink in a very plain bottle over any other container, gorgeous or not. Not sure I am in the majority on that opinion though.

      Let me know what you think of Sapphire. I would enjoy hearing your opinion of it.


  2. Just ordered a bottle of sapphire from GouletPens yesterday. 😉


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