J. Herbin Scented Ink Sampler


If you’ve ever wanted to try scented ink, J. Herbin has an sampler called Encre Perfumées. It includes one 10 ml bottle each of blue ink scented with lavender, green scented with apple, amber scented with orange, red scented with rose, and violet scented with violet. That makes a well-rounded selection of colors along with a nice variety of flower and fruit fragrances.

J. Herbin Encres Perfumées

J. Herbin Encres Perfumées

This is one product that deserves a caveat. It is not an item for people who are sensitive to perfume or who like pristine pens. While the odor eventually faded from my pens, the lavender and to a lesser extent the orange lasted long past the ink. That’s fine if you like the aroma but not ideal if you weren’t so thrilled.

If my comments haven’t put you off, I first spotted the kit at Pear Tree Pens for around $19 which actually isn’t bad for 50 ml of ink. No doubt other retailers will have a stock of this item, too. For the right fountain pen lover, Encre Perfumées could make a terrific gift especially accompanied by a pretty, new pen. A few of you guys might take a hint here…



  1. Interesting that the scent for lavender and orange lasted longer. I have the rose. That scent’s strength is almost overpowering for me, but only when I’m actively writing.

    Do you have any idea of how long the scent lasted on paper you wrote on? I wrote a letter to a friend with the rose scented ink. Two days after I wrote it, my friend said that he couldn’t smell any rose.

    Do you know if the scent would stick around for even several hours?


    • That’s a good question but my experience is too limited to know how long the scent would last. Due to EU regulations, J. Herbin has had to modify some ink formulas. Newer batches of ink may have slightly different properties including scent intensity and duration. However, the pen in which I tested the ink took a very long time, months in fact, to lose the aromatic fragrance and return to its unscented state.

      I know that doesn’t answer your question directly but it is all the information I have. I hope there is something useful in it.


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