Pelikan Edelstein Ink Now Available


Art Brown is now shipping the new Edelstein Ink from Pelikan. At $20 per bottle it certainly qualifies as a premium product. Below is a piece from the announcement that explains what makes this ink special. Of course the ‘flacon’ (fancy word for bottle) is unique, too.

The Edelstein Premium Ink Collection is comprised of seven brilliant colors with a special ingredient to ensure extra smooth writing and high-performance care for your fountain pen.

UPDATE: 9/17/2010 @ 16:51 PDT – Although unconfirmed it appears that Art Brown is not yet shipping Edelstein Ink. Unfortunately, the store closed today before I knew there was an issue. If this is accurate, Art Brown should have placed a banner or other caveat stating the ink would be available soon rather than allowing customers to think it was in inventory.

From some of the comments here as well as info gathered from other sources, the ink should be available from retailers quite soon, perhaps in just a matter of days. Check your usual ink dealer for availability. Maybe you can even find a few additional items to order with your Edelstein. A pretty demo (clear) pen might be just the thing to show off your new jewel-toned ink.



  1. I gotta get some, soon!!!! 😉


  2. Are you sure it’s actually shipping? They’ve had Edelstein listed for sale for weeks, but I know for a fact they haven’t had it in.


  3. I fear that, if I’m not careful, I will end up collecting things just for interesting empty ink bottles!


  4. From what I’ve heard, they aren’t even in Chartpak’s (Pelikan’s US distributor) hands yet. I think the latest update is early next week they will be sending them out to retailers.


    • By the time I called Art Brown, the store had closed for the holiday. When placing an order, there is no indication that the ink is back ordered. That’s all the information I have on the matter.

      No doubt Edelstein Ink will be broadly available quickly considering it is from a major manufacturer. I expect there will be no “scarcity creates value” for this product. The only question is whether the cost exceeds “what the market will bear.”


  5. Art Brown doesn’t have it. No one does yet.


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