Calling all fountain pen and paper addicts…


Have you discovered a line of greeting cards or holiday cards or stationery that works really well with fountain pens and ink? I went to one of the nicer stores remaining in my area but nothing looked like it would take ink properly. When a quick purchase is necessary, online buying does have its limitations. Finding products lines that are locally available would be very useful. Got any suggestions?



  1. Fabriano Medioevalis Stationery


  2. Katie’s Paperie in Soho (NYC) and in Greenwich,CT is a good place for all things paper. I’ve never been sorry.


  3. I’m a fountain pen newbie so take this comment with the grain of salt. I was looking for some stationery recently and purchased mine from Crane and Company. I’ve tried my Lamy 2000, Lamy Al-Star and Pilot Vanishing Point and they all work well with it. The surface of the paper isn’t perfectly smooth; I’m guessing that’s due to the fact it’s made from cotton and not wood pulp. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed it!



  4. When in SF, Flax Arts has a sizeable art supply selection, including stationary papers. They’re also the last standing retailer of fountain pens with a substantial inventory in the SF Bay. University Art has paper and fountain pen supplies as well, but selection is much smaller.


  5. Good luck on finding greeting cards that are fountain pen friendly. All of them seem to be made from glossy card stock. We might have to resort to placing a small sheet of fine stationery inside the card for our hand written message. The recepient might find it more special because we went to all the trouble.


  6. Crane’s cards are usually fountain-pen friendly.

    Most letterpress cards have “tooth” to the paper that goes well with fountain pens. I found some decent yet inexpensive ones at Target, of all places.


  7. On occasion powdered gum sandarac (available from art supply stores or paperinkarts.com) will improve lousy card stock enough to make it usable. One thing that doesn’t work is Golden Digital Ground–it’s used by artists to put weird things through ink jet printers, and despite my high hopes for it fountain pen inks feather like crazy.

    Bryan: Crane’s texture is probably due to the finishing rather than the cotton content–I have some hot pressed pure cotton papers that are very smooth. Since I have a light touch and use very sharp custom-ground Italic nibs, the rough surface can be annoying but I still use more Crane’s stationery than anything else. Nobody will ever question your taste.


  8. I usually pick up cards at Staples. They work fine with my pens. If you look at their cards every so often, and buy ones that appeal to you, then you have a selection on hand at all times. Honestly, I haven’t had any that didn’t work fine with my pens.


  9. I bet you’re right Joseph. I do wish it was a tad smoother but that’s the only real complaint I have. It’s wonderful stuff!



  10. I recently bought a Papyrus card, and it took the ink well, in my limited experience.


  11. I agree with Harris. In the Bay Area, the best place to get high-quality, affordable stationary is Flax Art. They do have fountain pens as well, most can be tested in the store, so I assume they would help to match stationary to pen and ink.
    We also have a number of small letterpress businesses. I assume they would also either sell appropriate papers or know where to get them for pen and ink work.


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