Pens, Dogs, Crayons, and Moleskine Links



  1. I LOVE Paperback Swap! Have been a member for quite some time.


  2. I have a Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pen that came with a fine point. The fine point was more like a medium so I shipped it off to Montblanc asking that an extra-fine be substituted. It came back and while it seems a bit finer, it gives nowhere near the fine line my Aurora, Shaeffer or Cross pens provide. I use only Montblanc ink which also seems to bleed on most papers whilst none of the others do. Any suggestions?


  3. I recently joined Paperbackswap.com and am really enjoying it. I’ve already received 3 books & sent out 3 books. They have a great selection also.


  4. Jo, my experience with MB is limited to one vintage pen with an oblique broad nib so I can’t help with how fine modern ones can be. Have you contacted customer support regarding your disappointing extra-fine nib? It may need a flow adjustment rather than a new nib unit.

    MB Racing Green is one of my favorite inks and it is quite well-behaved. Although seldom in use, I also have Violet and Bordeaux and can’t recall problems with them either. Bleed-through is annoying and sometimes the product of a very wet nib. It can also happen when I write slowly allowing too much ink to flow. Some Pelikan inks are known for being dry. Have you tried that brand?


  5. I third the recommendation for PBS! It’s a great way to get new reading material. Two paws up for the doggie vids! =D


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