Do You Doodle?


Silly question but do you doodle? If so, what’s your favorite design?

Waterman Ink Squiggles

Waterman Ink Squiggles

Mine has been a loopy thing and a lower case “f” for ages. Nothing wrong with that but lately I’ve been doodling less which means my pens aren’t getting proper exercise. Inspiration was all I needed to add a few new swirls to my repertoire and Doodle Designs happily provided some fresh ideas.

Now my journal margins will get a sprinkling of dragonflies when I am at a loss for words and my pens will go to work more often.

And all is well in the Inkophile realm.



  1. I LOVE spirals! I often doodle them when I’ve temporarily run out of words. It’s almost a meditative kind of practise. =)


  2. I doodle like crazy, usually on papers I’m using in meetings at work. I’ve often told myself I should bring a notebook and try to confine my doodles to that, but then maybe it would look even more like I wasn’t paying attention!


  3. Ah doodling. That reminds me of this “odd” doodle-based thing I have been seeing around called Zentangle. It uses a micron pen but I’m sure you could use your favorite fountain pen and add a whole new depth. http://www.zentangle.com/index.php


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