Pelikan’s New Edelstein Ink


Pelikan has announced a new addition to its lineup called Edelstein Ink. In German edelstein means jewel or gemstone. No word on the properties but it is a premium line so it should be very good quality. Retail is expected to be around $20 for 50 ml.

The colors are called Topaz, Ruby, Onyx, Jade, Mandarin, Sapphire, and Aventurine. If you like jewel tones, this could be just the thing to dress up the fall season.

Pelikan’s standard inks are widely available so I expect the same will hold true for the new line. This should set Edelstein above the other premium inks that have struggled with limited distribution. Check with your favorite retailer for availability.

Pelikan Edelstein Ink in Sapphire

Pelikan Edelstein Ink in Sapphire

More at Nancy Olson, Ink.


  1. I wonder how much of this is just jumping on the Iroshizuku bandwagon?
    I’m not a huge fan of Pelikan’s normal inks, so my expectations are not high for Edelstein ink. I wouldn’t mind being pleasantly surprised, though.



    • Agreed on all counts although I do like the color of Pelikan Blue-Black. I used that one for years before I discovered Diamine Indigo and Sailor Blue-Black. I do hope the new inks are high quality since they are likely to be easily available. That could be a nice boon for fountain pen users who have yet to discover the wider range of inks available from online retailers.


  2. Maybe a little high-end competition will give Pilot a run for their money. They’ve priced Iroshizuku out of the market for UK retailers at £30 RRP ($45 for an ink that sells for just under $30 in the US). Fingers crossed — I’ll give the new range a try.


  3. When I recently bought my Visconti Homo Sapiens (Fine) at the Fountain Pen Hospital in New York City, the owner let me sample the pen with the Edelstein Topaz. The color was just awesome – it might even have had a lot to do with the sale of the pen 🙂 – not really, I knew everything about the pen before seeing it, so I just needed to feel how it wrote.
    I have been using my Visconti with Topaz, as well as in my Pelikan M200, for over a week with great satisfaction.

    By the way, in case you’ve missed this, here’s quite a comprehensive review of the Edelstein.



    • Thanks for the link. So far I have only tried Jade but will post my comments on the entire line when I have tried them all. At my rate of speed that will take weeks!


  4. It has taken me four years to get around to buying my Edelstein ink. I bought Jade £15.00 for 50ml, so not cheap, but it is exquisitely bright.I tried a couple of others in the shop but the Edelstein looked almost illuminated in comparison. It is smoothing has retained it’s luminescent quality for a week.


    • Thank you for the feedback on Edelstein ink. In which pen and on what paper did you get such excellent results?


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