Spin the Bottle Meets Ink and Pen


Do you sometimes get bored with your fountain pens and inks? Well, if not bored, then has the excitement cooled? Maybe it’s the dog days of summer or the absence of something new to peak your interest. True, there is nothing like a new toy to enliven interest as a bottle of Noodler’s Cayenne from Lily at Jet Pens reminded me this afternoon. But it doesn’t have to be something new to make things fun again. It just takes putting a little creative effort into your match making.

In the last few months some excellent duos have emerged here from putting together odd combinations. Certainly that is the best outcome for experimentation but even the less exciting ones were helpful for future match making. I can’t say enough for giving inks that were disappointing, a second or even third look.

Just last week my Favorite Matches page got updated to reflect the dynamic duos most often on my desk. Only one ink was a new acquisition while none of the pens arrived more recently than eight months ago. By putting together new pairs, I discovered a dozen memorable matches with pens and inks already in my collection. Finding that many new faves was truly surprising. Yes, even an inkophile can get in a rut when it comes to inks.

So get out there and mix things up. Clean a few pens and grab some unloved ink. Roll the dice or Spin the Bottle and put new duos together. You just might hit the jackpot and find some charming winners.


  1. Well said!


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