Namiki Falcon Meets Diamine Ink


Namiki Falcon nibs come up often in pen discussions so here is a closer look at one of my favorite pens. The pen works well with all of my inks so this is intended as no slight to other ink makers. It just worked out that both Falcons have Diamine in them.

Namiki Falcon

Namiki Falcon

There is a difference between my two Soft Fine (SF) nibs though the samples don’t reflect the sharpness of the finer of the two. It is only evident when writing with it. The nib doesn’t drag exactly but may catch on laid or textured paper. Otherwise it works well on my usual selection. In this case an Apica 6A10 Note Book shows what a Falcon can do. However, a less absorbent paper like Rhodia or Clairefontaine will produce a finer line. Triomphe is a great stationery for the Falcon as are all the Japanese papers I have tried.

Are you interested in line variation? The Falcon offers a little of that but only with effort. Though the nib will soften slightly with use, it is tiring to produce much variation unless I limit instances of it to the occasional stroke and my signature. However, it is fun for a flourish here and there.

As an all around pen, the light weight and comfortable balance make the resin model of the Namiki Falcon a very good choice for long sessions. If you are so inclined, it is really fun for doodling and drawing where a little variation makes for lively line work. Check out Mattias Adolfsson for some serious inspiration.

Namiki Falcon with Diamine Violet

Namiki Falcon with Diamine Violet

All things considered the Namiki Falcon is a versatile pen that is always in my rotation and one I very much recommend though with one caveat. It may not be suited to heavy-handed users. The fine nib might get sprung with too much pressure.

Otherwise, it’s a terrific pen in the over $100 category. Used ones can be found for less but may not be as satisfactory if the former owner worked it too hard. As in everything purchased used, “you pays your money and you takes your chances.” If you prefer new pens, Oscar Braun Pens carries both the acrylic and the metal versions. Stateside, that’s the place to start.


  1. The Namiki Falcon with a fine flexible nib is high on my list of pens I would like to own along with a Pilot 823custom. I am presently using a Namiki VP,
    Pelikan m400, Mont Blanc Starwalker (gift) and a Pelikano ( 1st fountain pen )
    I love Fountain Pens, Inks of all colors and 90gram paper.


    • That’s a nice group of pens. The Namiki Falcon with its soft nib will add something a little different to the mix. Hey, anything that adds variety to a rotation is very good thing.


  2. I have the Namiki Falcon with a fine, flexible nib and I just LOVE it. Didn’t know that there’s a metal version – will have to check that out. Mine is the black resin one.


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