Pen and Ink Serendipity


Now that it is officially summer and my seasonal palette has been established, an unexpected duo has taken first place in my rotation. Both the ink and the pen have been here for years but never joined. So putting them together was sheer serendipity and the result delightful especially for this time of year.

Diamine Violet + Namiki Falcon + Rhodia = Happiness

Namiki Falcon SF with Diamine Violet ink on Rhodia grid paper

Namiki Falcon SF, Diamine Violet, Rhodia grid paper

Not only did this beautiful combo just come out of hiding, but not long ago two more special ones emerged. Montblanc Racing Green is the perfect match for my Lamy Safari custom cursive italic. The second is Private Reserve Avacado in my Waterman Carene stub. Both came about without planning. The inks just happened to be up for use and the pens just happened to need filling. Ink and pen mating should always be so easy.

Have you been surprised by a particularly lovely but unplanned pen and ink pairing? Do tell!



  1. Is your Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen customized? I want to buy one like yours but some people tell me if I get one, I need to have the pen customized to get the best looking writing.


    • My two Falcons have not been modified. Customizing to a finer width and adding flex are the two things you can do to your Falcon. Flex will add to the width of the lines which can be quite handsome in the right hands. If you’ve never used a flex nib, it may take some practice to get the look you want. John Mottishaw of nibs.com both sells and customizes them. If you just want the pen, oscarbraunpens.com has good prices on both Namiki Falcon models.


  2. Yes, I have. My italic Aurora Ipsilon (which is on it’s way back to me after repair in Italy) was always a very dry writer. Then I put Iroshizuku Kon-Peki in it, and suddenly it was perfect. No more skips, just smooth running, every stroke. Every other ink I had tried, J. Herbin, Noodler’s, Pelikan, and even another Iroshizuku and it ran dry.

    I wonder how it will behave after it’s trip back to it’s birthplace?


    • I wonder how it will behave after it’s trip back to it’s birthplace?

      Hopefully, it will be perfect on its return. 🙂


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  4. I also had a similar experience with a Sailor’s fine point purchased off of jetpens.com. When I first bought it i got it just cause i liked the way it looked but when I ran out of the turquoise ink cartridges I decided to try refilling with Noodler’s ink in Navajoe turquoise which I completely loved. It completely changed my opinion of the pen and is now one of my favs.


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