Newest Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown


Finally a brown Lamy AL-Star though I’ve read it is more bronze than dark brown. It hasn’t hit the U.S. quite yet but it already has a place on my latest wishlist. Martin at The Writing Desk says it’s available in Europe so if you must be first on your block, that’s the place to go. Otherwise, Art Brown has it arriving in May, 2010 so expect it at your favorite retailer soon.

Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown

Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown



  1. Oooo…I can’t wait! Brown or Bronze, it still looks great. Thanks for the teaser!


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Margana and Leigh Reyes, mabeloos. mabeloos said: oooo! RT @inkophile: Newest Lamy AL-Star in Coffee Brown: http://bit.ly/bw7Xn3 […]


  3. Question…
    I’m curious about all these great blogs that seem to get both pen and ink samples sent to them. I ask since as a TV writer, for some odd reason I rec’d this Lamy in the mail last week. Unsure how or why, just had a letter enclosed stating they hoped I would enjoy the FP. So I took to the “net” and saw your post – and wondering the reason samples are sent.


    • There are some great blogs out there on pens and inks. I’ve never received a fountain pen to review but lots of ink and paper have been sent my way. Sometimes samples arrive for feedback to the manufacturer. Most samples are sent for an Inkophile review. A few items are sent as gifts which is what your Lamy would seem to be. Lucky you! Is your pen the new brown AL-Star?


  4. Yes, a Brown AL-Star. Can’t imagine why sent to me. I write, but don’t review — maybe I should? I’m still curious how samples: pens, inks, paper are sent to some, why and how?


    • Again, that’s quite a gift especially since they aren’t yet available in the U.S. I wonder if it was from a retailer or a distributor and also how they knew where to send it. Maybe it was from an online retailer from whom you purchased pen related items in the past.

      Anyway, no one has sent me anything unsolicited or at least without a prior relationship and never a fountain pen. Email contact has always preceded items sent for review but I’m a known quantity with ten years using fountain pens (this go-round), four years participating in the community, and two years writing at Inkophile. Your blog is mostly industry but adding an area for fountain pens would be easy. Write a few reviews of items you already own to get things started. Then you could contact a few manufacturers and offer to write reviews of their products. Some people have found that outreach to be very workable.

      Oh, I like your Red John avatar. That’s one show with some tasty lines especially from Cho. Tim Kang does deadpan to perfection. Nice to see writers take advantage of him.


  5. Levenger has the coffee Lamy’s on their site today! Yay! I’m ordering mine today.


    • Thanks for the tip!


  6. So I finally got an al-star, in mid September (black/purple). And I have already scratched the surface on something in my purse! I am afraid that, while it writes well (and flows heavily), I do not like it any more than my little Sailor Recruit. I’m pretty surprised by this.


    • I wonder if the more darkly colored barrels are more prone to scratches that show. The three AL-Stars here may have tiny scratches but it would take a close inspection to see them. Is the nib in the Recruit identical to the nib in the AL-Star? The Safari is identical so the nibs can be swapped between the two models. You can also purchase replacement nibs for around $12. Doing that has extended my interest in and the useful life of a couple of my pens.

      BTW nearly all of my fountain pens have scratches including the expensive ones. Occupational hazard for pens I suppose.


  7. I don’t mind the scratch so much, I was just surprised that it happened so quickly. But, I have my pens & pencils all in one case in my purse, and it may have gotten battle-damage off of the Graphgear 1000 which seems to be quite aggressively styled!


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