When a Fountain Pen Won’t Do, Part 2


Thank you for all the great suggestions. First off I tried a couple of ballpoints and rollerballs. The former seem inconsistent at best though the PaperMate Silk-Writer 1.6mm B puts down a decently wide line. The rollerballs were more consistent but less forgiving of my tendency to hold a pen at a low angle. Ink blobs didn’t thrill me with gel pens so I moved on to the fiber tips.

Considering my fondness for doodling and need for a variety of angles, the fiber tip wins. The Pentel Sign Pen that I received as a gift from Pentel reminded me how well the old Flair used to work for me. Next I want to acquire the Pentel Tradio and the Levenger True Writer Rollerball with the fiber tip refill. Both look good enough to travel with a classy journal so they meet that requirement, too.

Not sure if it is lucky or unfortunate that the Tradio is available at JetPens.com. The longer I peruse the site, the more extensive my order. This could take a while.

The True Writer might take even longer while I look for a discontinued color to match one of my fountain pens. One will turn up eventually and just might earn a review especially with some of those “I’m so pretty but not so great with a fountain pen” journals.

You guys are great and I really appreciate all the help. Hopefully, others benefited from your suggestions, too.



  1. Which color TruWriter are you looking for? I might just have it. I have a bunch of them. And refills as well.



  2. I love the tradio. Haven’t used mine in a bit. I should break it out. 😀


  3. […] to a very generous Inkophile reader who saw my When A Fountain Pen Won’t Do, Part 2 post, I now have three Levenger True Writer Rollerballs loaded with Levenger Fiber Tip refills. The […]


  4. I’m hoping…. do you know if the Tradio the same as the old Pentel italic fountain? That italic pen was like magic for me and I was heartbroken when they discontinued it – but the description sounds similar.


    • Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question as I lack experience with either pen. Perhaps someone at Pentel can help you.


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