Pens and Inks and Collecting Cool Stuff


Two new pen and ink articles in the same month? Hard to imagine but it’s true.

The first is an opinion piece published yesterday, December 28, 2009, and written by John Skoyles for the Boston Globe. It is easy to identify with his tale of falling for the charms of “pen and ink.” Not only does he tout the virtues of fountain pens but he gives high praise to The Fountain Pen Network as well.

The second article is about ink durability and was published in The Economist on December 10, 2009. Along with historical information and a few examples of innovation in the field, the best part is about fountain pen ink. An enterprising  graduate student from Yale University’s physics department, Nicholas Masluk has used lasers to test the permanence of a variety of Noodler’s inks including Baystate Blue and Bad Belted Kingfisher. I have yet to try either one and so cannot recommend them. However, it is terrific to see such attention paid to a subject important to many fountain pen users.

Is it possible our hobby is morphing from accumulating geeky junk to collecting cool stuff? Given the prestige of the publications, it just might be so.

Note: Thanks for the mention at Amateur Economist. Happy to bring good news to the fore.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Margana, Leigh Reyes. Leigh Reyes said: RT @inkophile: Pens and Inks and Collecting Cool Stuff: http://wp.me/pfSKv-pn […]


  2. It was great seeing that article in the Globe. The Amateur Economist blog is wonderful to read for pen and watch summaries and I wish the blogger would spin them off to a blog of their own because you have to plod past tedious neo-con articles to get to them.


    • Seems more libertarian than neo-con to me but the Grab Bag makes it simple enough to just scroll to the pen links. Most of the time I can’t resist the architecture and auto links. Those are safe to view since I know I can’t collect either. 😉


  3. I, too, see the encouraging possibility that our fountain pen passion is going from the “steam punk” few to the general public’s attention. This is way cool.


  4. Yes, inkophile, thanks! Definitely libertarian and not neo-con. I have an interest in liberty as well as fountain pens, watches, etc. 😉


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